Diane F.,LiveWay
Diane F.
Service was great. After signing & paying in advance, there was no worrying about when the work would be done. They just came and did what was required and moved on until next time.
Dilip D.,LiveWay
Dilip D.
I get a call to confirm that my lawn has been raked before my first application is scheduled in Spring. I get an automated call subsequently, advising me of the scheduled fertilizer application date which helps me to make sure that the lawn is ready for the fertilizer application...
dolores K.,LiveWay
dolores K.
I love looking at my lawn since using TruGreen service. The care and attention that I got from this company was amazing and at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend this to everyone. Also, I heard about their mosquito defense system this year and tried it and WOW, it...

Weed Patrol Lawn Care

  • Edmonton, AB
We are a 'local' Edmonton lawn care services company 780-413-9333 Winner of the Consumer Choice Award for best lawn care company in Edmonton 2018 & 2019. Commercial weed control & liquid fertilizer for lawns. Deep core aeration with over-seeding

  • 4.9
  • 129 ratings
Evan K.,LiveWay
Evan K.
I tried for years to get my weeds (dandelions, thistles, clover) under control in my yard, after hours of wasted time and garbage chemicals chemicals I gave up and decided to get help. I chose Weed Patrol because they are local, they have been around for a long time and seemed ...
Hank T.,LiveWay
Hank T.
After purchasing a house, I battled for nearly two years to get my lawn under control. Between houses that took immaculate care of their lawns I felt like I was labelled as ''that guy'' on the street. Fighting the weeds myself was like punching a ball attached an elastic around m...
Kassandra L.,LiveWay
Kassandra L.
Moved into a house where previous owners did not take care of the lawn. The lawn had so many dandelions it looked more yellow than green. We hired weed man to for 5 services throughout spring and summer, and it was worth every penny! Our lawn looks amazing after just a couple app...

White 'N Green Inc

  • Edmonton, AB
White 'N Green Inc. has been proudly providing Lawn Care and Snow Removal services in Edmonton since 2009. We specialize in all-season property maintenance.

  • 4.7
  • 38 ratings
Bonnie S.,LiveWay
Bonnie S.
White n Green has provided lawn maintenance and snow removal for me for a couple of years. I am consistently happy with the work they do in summer. Keeping driveways cleared to the concrete in winter is a difficult task due to crews being very busy on snow days and driveways havi...
Janice G.,LiveWay
Janice G.
My commendations strongly go out to this company!! Two wonderful employees, David and Ash this morning, did the snow removal of a very senior couple across the street from where they were working!! Was so kind of them to take over when they noticed the senior struggling to shovel...
Lise G.,LiveWay
Lise G.
This is my third year with White & Green. It is so great having the spring and fall cleanups. My lawn is well cared for and looks great. We invested in new sod and I was motivated to establish it well and to keep it looking great. White & Green has helped with this. Whenever I ha...

Dave Does Lawns Ltd.

  • Edmonton, AB
Specializing in lawn care Edmonton, snow removal Edmonton and yard maintenance Edmonton.

  • 4
  • 29 ratings
Evan B.,LiveWay
Evan B.
Dave is awesome. Does great work at great prices.
Ryan L.,LiveWay
Ryan L.
I worked directly with Chris to have them aerate, top dress with compost, and over-seed my yard. They were on time, professional, quick, and happy to share knowledge on the status of my lawn. They have the right tools and people, I will use them again.
Sharon S.,LiveWay
Sharon S.
I have had Dave maintain my yard year round for the last three years. He and his staff are very professional and have very high standards. My yard looks more beautiful than than when I did it myself. In the winter my sidewalks are always shovelled down to the concrete. I have had...

College Lawn Care

  • Edmonton, AB
College Lawn Care Edmonton provides lawn mowing and lawn care services and snow removal to Edmonton and surrounding areas. Check our monthly lawn care packages.

  • 3.7
  • 3 ratings
IGOR H.,LiveWay
A very neat concept plus a great value and a great service. When they say that your lawn is taken care by a crew of students, the statement does not do a justice to the quality and value you get as well as all other services that they do. They bring all equipment needed to do a j...
Nina S.,LiveWay
Nina S.
Thank you; they come every week and are professional, nice, and efficient. Some times its is a branded crew, other times not, but both crews delivered impeccable service.


  • Edmonton, AB
Top-rated snow removal and lawn care services from Yardly! Monthly plans available in the Greater Toronto Area, Edmonton, Calgary, and surrounding areas.

  • Snow Removal
  • Lawn care service
  • 4.6
  • 220 ratings
Daphne S.,LiveWay
Daphne S.
I am very happy with the service provided by Yardly. I use them for my annual spring clean up and have been extremely satisfied with the quality of work. My yard looks awesome as always gets the best start to each spring / summer. I have also used Yardly for my fall clean up a...
Josh M.,LiveWay
Josh M.
My wife and I got Yardly snow removal as a Christmas gift for my Mother. Setting up the service was easy and they started coming out right away. My mom loved the service and would message me every time they cleared the snow to tell me what a great job they were doing. Her exact w...
Khana S.,LiveWay
Khana S.
We're selling our house and needed the lawn cared for while we were in our new place. They did a fantastic job, were friendly, and gave us no trouble at all. I have no idea what the value of the service ''really'' is, since I couldn't find any competitors (other than neighbor kid...

Park Lawn Care

  • Edmonton, AB
Experienced, quality, local Edmonton lawn care provider offering weed control, lawn fertilization, core aeration, and more. Contact Park Lawn Care today!

  • 5
  • 5 ratings
Jeremy C.,LiveWay
Jeremy C.
Park Lawn Care had provided an exceptional weed removal service throughout my backyard with a potent herbicide. Given the nature of herbicides being hazardous chemicals, Park Lawn Care answered my concerns by sending a certified pesticide applicator to remove the weeds safely, qu...
William G.,LiveWay
William G.
Great customer service from Jessica! Easy to talk to, answered our questions about when to water. Gave us a few tips - benefits of sharper blades for our lawn mower. We had weeds popping up in our driveway and patio. It looks so much better. Keep up the great work!

Enviro Masters Lawn Care

  • St. Albert, AB
Environmentally Considerate and organic Lawn Care Programs and Franchises Designed to Create a Healthy Lawn

  • 5
  • 3 ratings
Dani S.,LiveWay
Dani S.
Absolutely amazing work. The day before our first application our lawn front and back was saturated with dandelions and clover. It's been a month (still only one application!) And the yard is completely weed free, growing nicely and super green. Both our neighbors have weeds and ...
HHS C.,LiveWay
Our experience with EnviroMasters in St. Albert has been amazing! Originally, we were getting assistance from another local company but we consistently had issues with communication, quality of work, etc. That all changed after meeting with Edward. He and his caring staff are ...
Had my lawn treated by Lacey. Very professional and fast. Highly recommend.
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