Leonardo K.,LiveWay
Leonardo K.
We are very satisfied with our new composite deck. It didn’t take a lot of time in getting the project finished, but they did a thorough job overall. Thanks so much!
Margrett S.,LiveWay
Margrett S.
When my parents decided to get their deck remodeled and were asking for recommendations, we had them contact Deck Builder East York as we used them for our deck as well. The project manager handled every issue that he saw on the deck and got them fixed in no time at all. The cost...
Penni J.,LiveWay
Penni J.
My father had an old deck at home, which needed to get repaired. We contacted the deck construction service of Deck Builder East York, and they handled everything for us adequately. We were more than pleased at how quickly they got the problem sorted out and at an affordable cost...
Colby S.,LiveWay
Colby S.
One of the things which impressed me with Leaside Deck Builder was the dedication of the deck builders but also of the entire team. We spoke to a very friendly contractor. We also liked and appreciated that he was on time to our appointment and fully prepared to answer our questi...
Dion M.,LiveWay
Dion M.
We had no woodwork companies in mind when we decided to install a rooftop deck at home. So we asked friends and neighbors until we came up with the name of Leaside Deck Builder. Once we talked with the company's deck contractor, we knew this was the right company for us. Organize...
Gaston Q.,LiveWay
Gaston Q.
When we decided to replace our old wood fences, a friend told us to speak to Leaside Deck Builder. He had installed a deck only recently and was more than happy from the work of these guys. Since we needed assistance and excellent wood fencing, we decided to check out the deck co...
Elli E.,LiveWay
Elli E.
We found the ideal deck building company to rebuild us a composite deck, They were highly responsive always and very accommodating to our suggestions. They knew what had to get done and they did it properly. They took care of everything in a professional and affordable manner whi...
Kieth L.,LiveWay
Kieth L.
We got our Trex deck built by Leslieville Deck Builder Pros last month. The whole experience with them was remarkable. They were very easy to deal with and we are so happy with the materials that they recommended us to use. They also had a quick turnaround time and flexible prici...
Velma S.,LiveWay
Velma S.
As we inspected our house, we noticed that several of the beams supporting our deck was rotted and needed to get replaced immediately. We contacted the services of Leslieville Deck Builder Pros, and they committed to get it done quickly. They made good on the promise and at a pri...
Erin S.,LiveWay
Erin S.
Most of the parts of our deck was damaged and the style was also out of date. We contracted The Beaches Deck Builder for the construction of our new deck. They had so many great ideas for the design. We agreed on a specific design and some details that we wanted to be included. T...
Gaston P.,LiveWay
Gaston P.
I contacted The Beaches Deck Builder for a pergola construction service. Their prompt and courteous builders took their time to understand what we are looking for and provided useful recommendations as well. The quote estimate was also competitive. In a span of two weeks, my perg...
Jasper S.,LiveWay
Jasper S.
I would surely recommend The Beaches Deck Builder for their superb deck building service. We were very pleased with their service and we loved the deck that they built for us. It was top quality and it greatly improved the overall appearance of our home. The construction was comp...

Rooftop Deck Builder

  • North York, ON
Deck Builder in Toronto Area specializing in construction of Ipe and Composite Decks. We have over 15 years of experience building beautiful and long lasting decks in the GTA. We have certified deck designer (BCIN) on staff which allows us to obtain...  M

  • 5
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  • Toronto, ON
DeckCrewCa is a top-rated Toronto deck builder. We can build you a deck of your dream. We can help you with your new wooden fence or garden shed. Let’s add a pergola on top of the deck or a privacy screen on one side. It’s your call. But first, call...  M

  • 4.9
  • 40 notes

Hickory Dickory Decks Toronto

  • Canada,
We are a custom deck building company specializing in composite and PVC decking. Over 30 years in the business. Enjoy Life..Outdoors.

  • 4.9
  • 37 notes
Regina K.,LiveWay
Regina K.
We asked the deck builders if they could improve on our deck with a glass panel railing. When they provided us with an agreeable quote, we had them handle it. They didn’t disappoint as they did a remarkable job of getting our request handled in a highly professional manner.
Shawnna B.,LiveWay
Shawnna B.
They built us a new composite deck. We had a vision in mind and they really brought that to life. They were very easy to work with and involved us in the process. I can’t recommend them enough.
Standa K.,LiveWay
Standa K.
As our house needed an extension deck, we knew we couldn’t do it ourselves. Deck Builder Scarborough got recommended to us, and we were impressed with their impressive lineup of services. They also didn’t charge much for their services. We were more than happy to turn over th...
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