Déneigement Techni-Snow

  • Gatineau, QC
Service de déneigement de qualité, efficace, fiable 24/7 avec nettoyages fréquents et équipement spécialisé. Plus de 60 tracteurs souffleurs à votre service

  • 3.6
  • 196 ratings
Alexander B.,LiveWay
Alexander B.
I'm a senior so snow removal by myself is a no no, I hired techni-snow to do the work so far so good since 2012. I must say in champlain neigbouhood her driver is doing an excellent job hope we get the same one this years!
D D.,LiveWay
D D.
Never had to worry about this company . They offer competitive prices good service . As a snowbird for the last ten years I never had to worry if my driveway was done or not. On my street most of them are with Techni-Snow why shop elsewhere their service is excellent.Thanks again
Sophia L.,LiveWay
Sophia L.
I've been using their service since I moved to Aylmer 3 years ago, almost all my neighbors used Techni-snow. In PARC-Champlain we get very good service can't complain. Thank you!!!!!!

Pay As You Go Snow & Mow

  • Ottawa, ON
Serving Downtown Ottawa. what the problem is with Snow Removal, and how we solved it.

  • 4.7
  • 3 ratings
Chase K.,LiveWay
Chase K.
So far, so good, after first snow
Jerry P.,LiveWay
Jerry P.
Great guys. They come more often than the average Joe, and come quickly. Taking care of the city snow plow mound when they come.
Micheal W.,LiveWay
Micheal W.
On time fast friend service. Would definitely recomend.

Mr. Plow

  • Ottawa, ON

  • 5
  • 8 ratings
Francesca C.,LiveWay
Francesca C.
I am so glad that Mr. Plow is now expanding online. They have been taking care of our snow removal service for 2 years. I am very satisfied with their service, they are always on time and have never missed a snow day. Their price is very reasonable as well!
Joseph B.,LiveWay
Joseph B.
Always on time and delivers quality work, it is now my go-to company for snow removal every year
Meech l.,LiveWay
Meech l.
Awesome service! All winter I didn’t worry about my driveway once, they went beyond what I asked for when they heard my mom was in a wheel chair, And You know how bad it gets in Ottawa 10/10

On-Time Snow Removal

  • Ottawa, ON
CVOR-Certified Snow Plowing Expert Operators And The Most Thorough Reliable Walkway Shovelling And Snowblowing East Of The Glebe

  • 3
  • 1 rating

JR Lawn And Snow

  • Ottawa, ON
With more than 20 years of experience and using top-notch equipment, J.R Lawn & Snow is Ottawa’s top choice for snow removal, lawn care, and landscaping. Fully insured with great customer service, GPS service and competitive pricing. You deserve the

  • 3.1
  • 185 ratings
Bryce B.,LiveWay
Bryce B.
Impressive operation. Humble. Hardworking. Helping our community.
Corinne L.,LiveWay
Corinne L.
Exceptionally responsive and professional in providing a very competitive quote. Great company to deal with.
Sharon F.,LiveWay
Sharon F.
I have hired J.R. snow removal since 2014 and have nothing but accolades to bestow upon them. They keep me informed by email sometimes 3 or 4 times a day telling me when to expect my driveway to have an initial pass, to move any cars out (when allowed to do so by City) so that t...


  • Ottawa, ON
Snowbusters Snowblowing is Central Ottawa's best choice for quality snow removal services. Competitive pricing. Best customer service.

  • 3.5
  • 17 ratings
Albert P.,LiveWay
Albert P.
One of the best snowplowing services I've seen in Ottawa yet, hands down worth switching to if you already have service.
Helmut C.,LiveWay
Helmut C.
Very reliable, extremely thorough service with amazing customer service and update system that kept me in the loop the entire storm. Definitely nothing less than the best!
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