Ben M.,LiveWay
Ben M.
These guys are punctual, professional and efficient and know what they are doing. Complaints of snow removal on time from our building at this winter were reduced to the minimum as we hired Limitless Snow Removal. Thank You for the service.
Clark T.,LiveWay
Clark T.
Perfectly timed service. Vlad and Pavel know exactly what they are doing. I would recommend this company to everyone
Kevin M.,LiveWay
Kevin M.
First of all company was very competent, yes delays occur and we understand it however as long as the work is done, we are happy. Secondly, all reporting was sent immediately and we knew exactly what and how was provided. And thirdly we had great pricing What to expect more from ...
Davey G.,LiveWay
Davey G.
They came when I asked them too. Good chaps
Gursewak D.,LiveWay
Gursewak D.
The only snow removal guys I would ever use or recommend to my friends. They run a great service!


  • Burnaby, BC
A net work of snow removal companies and products. Commercail and residential snow removal contracts. Side walks, streets, and even roofs

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Milani Snow Removal

  • Burnaby, BC

Phone: +1 604-737-2603
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  • 6 notes
Elle U.,LiveWay
Elle U.
Good service for commercial lots. Good price also. Lots of salting so no worries on lawsuits.
Lisa U.,LiveWay
Lisa U.
I was so delighted with Milani's prompt and professional service! They really got me out of a tough situation. Would recommend.
Rick G.,LiveWay
Rick G.
Amazing quick team that I could always depend on. They have been servicing my sites for years and never missed a beat. Salting and snow removal services are top tier, you want to make sure you have a reliable company so as to not get sued from someone who slips and falls!

Arctic Snow Removal and Salting Service LTD.

  • Burnaby, BC
Arctic Snow Removal provides snow removal in the Lower Mainland, 24/7 for your commercial or industrial property. Give us a call today for details. Keeping You Safe Since 1989

  • 3.9
  • 19 notes
Fred H.,LiveWay
Fred H.
Arctic does a very professional job promptly, goes beyond expectation and at a reasonable cost at our residential complex up the hill in Coquitlam. They offer 24/7 service and are very responsive. Switched to them after trying a few others and are very satisfied with their servic...
Marty A.,LiveWay
Marty A.
I've had nothing but a great customer service experience with these folks over the past few weeks of heavy snow. Virginia and her team have done a wonderful job of clearing both our lots when necessary for a competitive price.

Burnaby Blacktop Ltd - Snow Removal & Salting Services / Asphalt & Concrete Paving BC

  • Burnaby, BC
Are you looking for an asphalt paving company, or a concrete contractor in Vancouver area? We don’t think you will find a better option than Burnaby BlackTop.

  • Déneigeur
  • Asphalte Pavage
  • 4.8
  • 205 notes
BUR-HAN G.,LiveWay
Hello! I am the office manager at BUR-HAN Garden & Lawn care and while we have our own project team - we do not currently provide asphalt paving services so when I had a long term client of ours call in to inquire if this was something I could help him with - I immediately referr...
Christian W.,LiveWay
Christian W.
Great customer service. Helped us through a challenging project. The installation crew did an excellent job as well. Will definitely use Burnaby Blacktop on future projects.
Kimberley a.,LiveWay
Kimberley a.
Awesome new driveway thanks to Burnaby Blacktop! They were one of the only companies that would take care of the entire project from start to finish - excavating, ground prep, new curb letdown, concrete retaining wall and asphalt. Andrew was super responsive, knowledgeable and ac...

AllCoast Snow Removal

  • Surrey, BC

Phone: +1 778-788-9593
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Bc b.,LiveWay
Bc b.
Had to call them last minute, my contractor couldn't clear it on time. Excellent service and equipment! Thanks manny!
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