• New Westminster, BC
Enjoy a range of products and services with HSBC personal and online banking. Loans, mortgages, savings, investments and credit cards.

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Eric M.,LiveWay
Eric M.
I recently switched my mortgage and chequing account to HSBC in New West. I got a fantastic rate on my mortgage that will save me thousands of dollars as well as a free bank account with it that comes with excellent features. The only downside to this location is their limited h...
Christian G.,LiveWay
Christian G.
My wife and I have used Sua’s services since December 2017. He has always been professional and creative in his approach to mortgage financing. We would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
Evan L.,LiveWay
Evan L.
Called Mr. Truong first time over the phone only, still very impressed by his friendly, patience talk and professional advice. Thank you!
Jacob P.,LiveWay
Jacob P.
Sua is a game changer in the industry. The relationships he's built outside the broker channel, specifically related to commercial lending is something no brokers can replicate over night. He is one of the brightest & high energy individuals in real estate & you'll be in good han...
Jorawar D.,LiveWay
Jorawar D.
Commercial lending just done by Gary hundal was awesome. I got denied from several institutions but he took care of everything, I just completed purchase of Office on Aug 28, 2020 with the help of Gary. Thankyou Highly recommended to everyone.
karishma k.,LiveWay
karishma k.
Very knowledgeable and straight forward person. Will highly recommend to anyone who is getting first mortgage or renewal. I got my file done in 3 business days. Thank you very much Mr. Gary for your excellent service.
Mike C.,LiveWay
Mike C.
Gary is a fantastic mortgage broker who goes above and beyond for his clients. He works hard and always has a positive outlook on how to get things done. You'll have a great transaction working with Mr. Hundal.

Canada Innovative Financial - Mortgage Architects | Mortgage Broker

  • Richmond, BC
Get Expert mortgage advice and service by professional Mortgage Broker in Vancouver on purchases, refinancing, renewals, debt consolidation and much more.

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  • 25 ratings
Brian G.,LiveWay
Brian G.
Terrific service. Jeff really worked to understand my mortgage needs and get the right type of financing in place. Would absolutely recommend Jeff to my friends and family and will use him again in the future for some planned construction financing.
Darren H.,LiveWay
Darren H.
Found Jeff on google and he is a really solid person for getting a Mortgage with. When I went through the process with him he made sure that everything was smooth and clear. He is also really responsive and takes care of the customers by offering options as opposed to ultimatums ...
marilou p.,LiveWay
marilou p.
Jeff help me with refinancing my mortgage and get the best mortgage rate. He is very knowledgeable about the different mortgage available from different banks. He answered all my questions and clarify information that needs to be clarified. Thank you Jeff for your service.
Lucas T.,LiveWay
Lucas T.
Amber has helped me several times over the last couple of years, and I personally will never go elsewhere. I avoided all of those long, drawn out appointments sitting at the bank because of its accommodating style. Having the option to share and sign documents electronically for ...
Saab S.,LiveWay
Saab S.
hi , I don't know how say thanks to amber ! Because they are the people who stand what they say! I was one of you guys who don't believe in online loan and scared to apply! I apply for loan in amber and in 4 days my loan money in my account ! It's not a fake story! Trust me I am ...
Salts D.,LiveWay
Salts D.
I was looking for $30K to pay my back taxes owed under my company. My application did not get approved in 48 hours as promised on the website, and there were a lot more document requested in addition to online application. But the staffs were very helpful and knowledgable, and t...

CWB Trust Services

  • Vancouver, BC
Since 1987, we have been providing trustee, custodial and administrative solutions for financial advisors, corporations and individuals.

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  • 4 ratings
Alex B.,LiveWay
Alex B.
Superb Customer Experience. Very quick and thorough, would recommend.
Jeff K.,LiveWay
Jeff K.
We do all of our business banking through CWB and their service is great! As a result I have also switched my personal banking to CWB. I would highly recommend banking with them.
Tatiana T.,LiveWay
Tatiana T.
I love CWT. Their representatives are very professional with a great customer service and very fast response time. I highly recommend this company


  • Vancouver, BC
Enjoy a range of products and services with HSBC personal and online banking. Loans, mortgages, savings, investments and credit cards.

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  • 10 ratings
Jared B.,LiveWay
Jared B.
Very nice, cooperative, and friendly advisor called Justin, who is very supportive of clients...
jess M.,LiveWay
jess M.
Probably one the the best banks I've ever delt with. On Monday I arrived in Vancouver from Australia and needed to set up an account as soon as possible. The lady at the reception (who's Name I forgot) was very friendly and set me up with a consultant immediately. Despite me havi...
Nicholas S.,LiveWay
Nicholas S.
Karen was very helpful in getting my accounts setup. She went through all of my options and helped me to select the package that would work best for me. She also suggested a few things I could do to take advantage of a bonus offer. Thanks Karen!
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