Civdev Inc

  • Montréal, QC

  • 5
  • 1 rating
Phoenix I.,LiveWay
Phoenix I.
Best service
Adam F.,LiveWay
Adam F.
Professionnal and friendly service. I highly recommend this building management company!
Georges S.,LiveWay
Georges S.
Multidisciplinary professional team, very organized, up to date about the new laws, excellent service !!!
Joe A.,LiveWay
Joe A.
Working with a professional team makes all the difference. Thank you for your excellent service. Highly recommend to manage your condo building!

Immo-Élite Property management

  • Montréal, QC
Gestion d'immeubles

  • 5
  • 4 ratings
Dēus E.,LiveWay
Dēus E.
I am a real estate investor I have 18 apartments as well as 12 apartments and two 4 plexes with Immo-Élite for more than 12 years I received impeccable service I am dazzled with their professionalism and exceptional services If you have income properties you are going to be supe...
Kasper C.,LiveWay
Kasper C.
I have 18 units with this company and I must say their team is super warm and they are very good with the tenants I can travel now and retire.
Tamoor Y.,LiveWay
Tamoor Y.
I'm Super satisfied with the service they provide. Ramona is in charge of my properties she is super efficient i'm speechless!! Immo-Élite is the way to go.

Mazler Properties Inc

  • Montréal, QC

Phone: +1 514-844-1966
  • 3
  • 5 ratings


  • Montréal, QC

  • 4.6
  • 9 ratings
Akiva K.,LiveWay
Akiva K.
Yona is the best property manager that i ever experienced, honest, professional, quality service, ***** !
Aron G.,LiveWay
Aron G.
Your satisfaction is Yona’s Passion, if you choose his services I guarantee you best results possible, long term and short term rentals, management, or anything related, i was amazed by his overtime work to help his customers or tenants to their best.
Elu G.,LiveWay
Elu G.
Thanks to onaxin we found a great apartment for a reasonable price very friendly and helpful. I'll definitely contact them if I ever need an apartment again in the area they service. Thanks again.

Agrasoy Realty

  • Montréal, QC
Property management company in Montreal Quebec. Rental agent, property manager, gestionnaire immobilier, gestion condo apartment, leasing agency, Canada

  • Home Rental
  • Property Management
  • 4.7
  • 98 ratings
andres v.,LiveWay
andres v.
I hired Emre to manage a rental property in Montreal and the whole process was amazing! I really appreciate how responsive communication has been with him. He's always available and professional. I don't live in Montreal and I have piece of mind knowing everything was taken care...
Christine N.,LiveWay
Christine N.
I received Harshil's services and I could not be more satisfied! He was very welcoming, responsive, accommodating and helpful. Made my dreadful apartment search much more smooth! Would definitely recommend. Thank you Harshil!
Kathryn G.,LiveWay
Kathryn G.
Harshil was friendly and always available to quickly answer any questions I had.
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