John Schick, Real Estate Agent, Selling Houses & Condos in Toronto

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What are John Schick, Real Estate Agent, Selling Houses & Condos in Toronto 's services in Toronto ?

Search through Toronto MLS listings of Homes for Sale in Toronto, including homes for sale and lease in Downtown Toronto, Etobicoke and North York.

What do you think about John Schick, Real Estate Agent, Selling Houses & Condos in Toronto (Toronto) ?

Dan L.,LiveWay
  • by Dan L.
  • |
  • 23rd August, 2019

Will you recommend this Real Estate - Personal in Toronto ?

John and his associate Max represented me in my recent purchase of a home. They guided me through a highly competitive bidding war which resulted in my offer being accepted. Their knowledge of deals and attention to detail left me with confidence. Highly recommended!

Lavinia L.,LiveWay
  • by Lavinia L.
  • |
  • 30th September, 2019

What do you think about Real Estate - Personal services provided in Toronto ?

I am extremely pleased with the work John has done for us over the years. John is professional, reliable and has a strong work ethic. He gives us his undivided attention until we find the ideal property. John's thoughtfulness, dedication and attention to detail makes the entire process go smoothly. In addition, the personal touch he gives makes a difference. We will happily continue to utilize John's expertise for our real estate needs in the future.

Lawrence B.,LiveWay
  • by Lawrence B.
  • |
  • 27th April, 2019

Did you like your visit with this Real Estate - Personal in Toronto ?

When I need to look for property for my business or to live in, John will be there for me, as he always is, no matter if I am selling, buying or renting. There are not a lot of agents who do leases these days so I appreciate John's willingness to help me there, and provide relevant information such as tenant and landlord rules, obligations and customs. John is highly recommended!

Paul S.,LiveWay
  • by Paul S.
  • |
  • 29th September, 2019

How did this Real Estate - Personal served you in Toronto ?

''I consult with John on all my real estate matters. Whether I am getting a new place or dealing with issues, John is there for me, which I really appreciate. It's good to know I can get advice not just in the midst of a real estate transaction but also in between transactions when I often need it. If you are looking for a full-service realtor with a positive attitude you should contact John''

Shannan S.,LiveWay
  • by Shannan S.
  • |
  • 28th April, 2019

What could you say about Real Estate - Personal services provided in Toronto ?

John is a true professional. He has assisted me twice in regard to my home and property needs. The first time was in 2012 when John helped me find a condo which I own with my husband. The process was great, from being taken around the city to being shown different options, we were able to quickly find a home that met all of our requirements. Then in 2016, John helped us lease out our condo. Again the process was quick and within a very short period of time we found a renter for our condo. Each time I worked with John he was professional, courteous, and delivered. I would highly recommend John for any housing needs as his experience and work ethic make him the ideal agent.

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