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What are Bontech Electric 's services in Edmonton ?

We specialize in upgrading electrical systems in exhisiting buildings.We will install new plugs, switches,& lights with little or no holes.

What do you think about Bontech Electric (Edmonton) ?

Alexa B.,LiveWay
  • by Alexa B.
  • |
  • 9th June, 2020

Will you recommend Bontech Electric a Electrician in Edmonton ?

Highly professional with great quality and great prices. Dan has done a number of jobs at our house and has always done a fantastic job. Very polite and cleans up afterwards.

Amy L.,LiveWay
  • by Amy L.
  • |
  • 3rd August, 2020

What do you think about Bontech Electric a Electrician services provided in Edmonton ?

Quality expertise, super reasonable price, friendly professional service. When I originally priced out an electrician for my kitchen renovation, I called to get quotes from five of the best rated electricians in Edmonton. Not only was Bontech’s quote super reasonable, the thing that really struck me was that Dan said to me, “I’d really appreciate your business.” His years of experience and professionalism showed when he patiently and knowledgeably answered all my questions. As he worked on the project, he also told me that if it took him less time, he wouldn’t charge me the entire agreed upon amount because he doesn’t feel right taking money for work he didn’t do. I was completely fine with the agreed upon price but to me that said a lot about his integrity. A genuinely good person who does quality efficient work is hard to find. I’ve had him do multiple projects and know as long as he’s in business he will be my first call when I need an electrician. If you want a quality electrician, he should be your first call too. Can’t say enough good things about this company.

Calvin H.,LiveWay
  • by Calvin H.
  • |
  • 23rd April, 2020

Did you like your visit with Bontech Electric a Electrician in Edmonton ?

I had Dan come out and do a job that was considered ''too small'' for other companies. Not only did Dan do a fantastic job for what I wanted but he was very professional, personable, honest, and extremely knowledgeable in the electrical trade. Would not hesitate to recommend him to others. Thanks Dan!

Chaitanya P.,LiveWay
  • by Chaitanya P.
  • |
  • 1st July, 2020

How did Bontech Electric this Electrician served you in Edmonton ?

Highly recommend this team. I finished the electrical work for a renovation I was doing myself and called them to just inspect to make sure everything was fine. Rather then just telling me what needed to be changed he actually took time to look over everything, understand and then explain things to me if something was wrong. Very professional as well.

Shana S.,LiveWay
  • by Shana S.
  • |
  • 2nd June, 2020

What could you say about Electrician services provided in Edmonton by Bontech Electric ?

Outstanding in every way. It's difficult to find someone who will do small jobs like I had. These guys were great! Fast, friendly and more than fair with their pricing. Definitely give these guys a call for all your electrical needs.

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