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What are Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. 's services in Ottawa ?

Halpenny Insurance Brokers is the largest independent insurance broker for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario offering Home, Auto and Commercial Insurance.

What do you think about Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. (Ottawa) ?

ali h.,LiveWay
  • by ali h.
  • |
  • 8th January, 2021

Will you recommend Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. a Insurance Broker in Ottawa ?

I had to get a new insurance because I didn’t like my previous provider. With Mora’s help from Halpenny, it took me the least effort to get insurance ever! She was focused on getting me the best rate possible and I couldn’t be more thankful. Halpenny all the way!

  • by Amanda
  • |
  • 18th December, 2020

What do you think about Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. a Insurance Broker services provided in Ottawa ?

Ana Maria always provides professional and efficient services. She always answers my questions with politeness and is always patient when I ask for a more detailed explanation as I am relatively new to this world. She always has our best interests in mind and helps us out when she can. Excellent service and always leaves me with a positive feel with my experience. Thank you Ana Maria!

Dannii W.,LiveWay
  • by Dannii W.
  • |
  • 16th December, 2020

Did you like your visit with Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. a Insurance Broker in Ottawa ?

If you’re looking for the best rate around, Marty is your guy! I think I called over 10 plus places and no one could beat Marty’s rate at Halpenny. He was always quick to respond, very efficient, informative and even provided some comic relief. What more could you ask for really. Thanks for all your help Marty!

Leslie R.,LiveWay
  • by Leslie R.
  • |
  • 12th January, 2021

How did Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. this Insurance Broker served you in Ottawa ?

I've been insured by Halpenny since 1989! At that time, I was new in Canada and many insurers wouldn't accept me can insurance. Halpenny was able to find insurance for me at a reasonable rate against the odds and I've never looked back. Always good service, always good advice, always competitive rates. Just recently, Dominique put new car insurance in place for me at a terrific rate. The bar has gone up yet again! Thank you!!!

Peggy M.,LiveWay
  • by Peggy M.
  • |
  • 14th October, 2020

What could you say about Insurance Broker services provided in Ottawa by Halpenny Insurance Brokers Ltd. ?

Contacted Halpenny Insurance on the advice of a friend, when our current insurers hit us with exceptional increases. Requested quotes for Auto and House insurance based on existing coverage, in order to be able to do a line by line comparison. Halpenny broker followed up when we were able to break with current insurers and was very responsive to our request. Ultimately accepted Auto insurance, same coverage at lower cost. House insurance very comparable, so stayed with current coverage. Good service, very professional and good value. Thank you. D & P.

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