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What are Pro-Air St Martin 's services in Saint-Léonard ?

Pro Air St-Martin Pro Air St-Martin Décontamination-Désinfection-Nettoyage-Lavage -

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Mihai G.,LiveWay
  • by Mihai G.
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  • 12th November, 2019

Will you recommend Pro-Air St Martin a Air duct cleaning service in Saint-Léonard ?

I waited for the techs to come, after 2h of waiting I decide to call the office to see what's happening. It's not normal that the client is not advised in advance when the techs are coming. A short call to say we are late, or we will be there in an hour would be the least that they can do. Finally, they offered to come at a later date and did the job for free. Thank you.

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